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News and updates

Homebrewing Answers On Tap has been published (05.27.2018)

Final editing is done and ebook is available on Amazon.

Cover is done on next book, finishing touches (04.01.2018)

The cover for the second book is done, thanks to Sarah Vitak to drew a great cover based on my concept drawing. Now to finish formatting, add chapter introductions, and get it copyrighted. Unfortunately, I am several months behind schedule. I wanted to have it released by summer, but think it will be later this year.

First draft of next book is done (11.09.2017)

My second book titled Homebrewing Answers On Tap is moving along very well. The initial draft was finished this week. I anticipate self publishing between spring and summer 2018.

Amazon reviews, giving away some free copies, continuing writing next brewing book (11.02.2017)

A family member, who has also written some books, is helping spread the word about my book. We have given away several copies in exchange for honest reviews. So far a few people have given feedback. My next book, which is in question and answer format, is underway, but there is still much work to be done. I anticipate self publishing it by late next year.

FREE chapter available, advertising in progress (09.19.2017)

The entire chapter titled BOILING WORT is available FREE in PDF format. You can download it from the BOOK section. A PDF reader must be installed. It should work the same on a laptop, tablet, phone, or anything that supports PDF documents. I recently enlisted the help of a family member who is an author to help advertise and promote my book.

Bottling article done, biography finished (09.08.2017)

The bottling and condition article is finally complete, and I added a sizeable section to my biography about saving and investing.

Next brewing book underway (09.02.2017)

I began my second brewing book last year, which is more Q&A style. Writing slowed for a few months while I was polishing my current book, building the web site, and writing articles. My goal is to have it done by early next year.

Redesigned web site (09.01.2017)

New, modern layout has replaced the original, outdated look.

Canned malt extract article published (08.07.2017)

A step by step process on how to brew using canned malt extract was added.

More articles written, planning to redesign site (08.01.2017)

A couple more articles have been written and more will be added. The entire site will be changed to a more modern layout this month.

Marketing and advertising (07.30.2017)

Recently had a marketing and advertising company contact me to help sell my book. We will be working closely to advertise my brewing book. I had a lengthy discussion with the owner and am now waiting on a plan to be send to me. Next I will begin searching for a literary agent and publisher. I think a print copy is better to have than only an ebook.

First article written and posted today (07.27.2017)

The first article, finding equipment, cost, and where to brew was made available today. I have many more articles coming in the next few weeks.

Amazon ebook published today (06.25.2017)

I tried to publish a week ago, then discovered ebook formatting strips out some details from Microsoft Word, so I spent another week reformatting numerous pages, removing the footnotes, and adding hyperlinks. I finally published tonight and am waiting on a review. Very excited to see this book published. It was 3 years in the making, and slightly longer with additional corrections and formatting for the Kindle.

Getting ready to go live and publish book (06.13.2017)

The framework for this site is nearly done. Still many articles to write in the future as time permits. Plan to go live within a week and publish on Amazon. I also want a make a print copy, but need to find a publisher.

Continuing to build site (06.11.2017)

These past weeks have been very busy. I don't mind having things going on, but I don't like it when I'm so insanely busy that the day feels like it is over in 15 minutes. I like having some time to myself. Lately I have been working on editing videos for my beer reviews, working, writing, building this place so my book has a home, and writing on my second book. With all of this going on, there hasn't been time to start any new projects.

First log entry (05.23.2017)

My first blog entry. Actually, I don't call them blogs. I just use an old school term called updates. This place is not fancy, nor it is intended to be for now. My goal is to build a simple web site to market my book, possibly future books, have brewing articles, and expand as I see necessary. The Homebrewing Tips And Techniques book has taken 3 years to write, research, edit, and illustrate, including getting permission from business owners to showcase their products.

Web site and domain born (05.23.2017)

Initial web site creation and build date. Domain name registered.